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                                                                       Q  +  A


                                                                             HOW IS THE STITCHING?

The stitching is done with a zig zag stitching and we match the thread color as close as possible to the hairs of the cowhide so the stitching is seen very subtle unless a contrasting color of thread is requested


                                                                            HOW IS THE HAIR LENGTH?

We use a mix of short, medium, and long hairs but are in general short to medium length.


                                                            CAN WE MODIFY THE PATCH SIZE OF THE MODELS?

Yes, you can customize the size of the patches but we will pass on the additional fee to make the customized matrix. As well, if you change the patch size to be larger than ours, there may be an additional cost per square meter as it may require additional hides to customize your request, please inquire


                                                                        WHAT SIZES CAN YOU MAKE?

We can customize to any size you need and in a square, rectangle, or round shape WHAT COLORS CAN WE ORDER? We only work with natural cowhides. We offer any natural color of cowhide


                                                        CAN WE HAVE THE RUG ALL IN THE EXACT SAME SHADE?

When a cowhide patchwork rug is elected to be all in the same color, we carefully pick the hides to be the closest in the same shades but will always be 3 tones lighter or 3 tones darker of a color. Once the pieces are cut and ready to lay out, we carefully place the pieces to work with one another to have a final layout of a very beautiful shade of your election. If you are wanting the rug to be all extremely close to the exact shade, it is possible but it will require more time to gather the leather and the cost will increase as we will need to use several more hides as we would only be using minimal areas of each hide.


                                                 HOW CLOSE WILL MY RUG BE TO YOUR COLOR SAMPLE PHOTO?

It is going to be very similar but as not one cow is alike, it will not be exact. The cowhide colors will be 3 tones lighter or 3 tones darker than the sample.


                                                 CAN YOU GIVE ME AN ACTUAL HIDE SAMPLE TO SEE THE COLOR?

We discourage giving actual color samples as not one cowhide is alike in color and the actual rug you receive will not be exact to the sample.



Yes, we can make a small sample to show you the patch style, quality, and finishing and to get an idea of what the color combination would be like. Please inquire for prices


                                                                WHERE DO OUR COWHIDES COME FROM?  

All of our hides are from Argentina. Cowhides are collected by experts working in accordance with the local protection and conservation regulations. Cowhides come from the northern area of the country, since the most exotic cowhides are found there, due to the diversity of colours they have.


                                                                           HOW ARE THEY PROCESSED?  

With a blue chromium treatment that is the most advanced and very methodical to process and is one that very few tanneries know how to do. The processes are performed under strict quality control ensuring consistent results. They are internationally ISO 9001 Standard Certificatified , in which our tannery achieved, showing that the tannery has complied with the requirements pursuant to the standard and ensures its clients the standardization in the quality of its products.


                                                      DOES THE TANNING PROCESS POLLUTE THE ENVIRONMENT?  

No, due to the very strict requirements from the Argentine government, the tanneries are required by law to dispose of the waste in a very carefully watched process.


                                                                             WILL THE HAIRS FALL OUT?  

No, as these are tanned with the most advanced & superior method that ensures that the hairs will never come out, unlike most cowhides


                                                                ARE THE COWS ENDANGERED FOR THE HIDES?  

No, as the skin is the by-product. Argentina is the largest exporting and consuming cow meat country in the world.


                                                                             HOW DURABLE ARE THEY?  

They are very durable and will last you a very long time 


                                                                          WHERE CAN WE USE THE RUG?  

Anywhere on the floor or on a wall or for upholstery – get creative!


                                                                             DO THEY HAVE ANY SMELL?  

The scent of our leather is a very pleasant leather scent, like a beautiful leather handbag or jacket.



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