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We are a small artisanal factory located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, producing custom Made-to-Order cowhide rugs, cowhide pillow covers, and accessories. We prioritize quality over quantity and produce each cowhide rug as if it were a "one-of-a-kind piece of art."  

Lifestyle by Cara cowhide rugs

LIFESTYLE by Cara was found by an American (raised in Michigan + many years in Aspen) living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With her natural born obsession with anything that has to do with design and fashion, working many years for a high-end Italian fashion luxury house GUCCI, and worldwide travelling, Cara moved to Argentina (a mecca for design & creativity) and quickly started piecing together her childhood dream of having a business of designing beautiful leather products, eventually stepping foot in the whole creation and design process and tapping into her own creative abilities. The first step was finding the best-of-the-best leather tanneries of Argentina. After knocking the doors of over 40+ tanneries, she eventually started working immediatly with the most highly regarded tannery and built a great relationship that turned into an open-door repoire and allows her full access and first pick to all leathers. Then came the search through networking for the most highly-skilled leather artisans in the country, eventually joining together, Cara has had great success and couldn´t be happier as she is constantly experimenting with new creations.


It is a known fact that the best leather and cowhides in the world are from the cows of Argentina. We have partnered up with the finest leather tannery in all of Argentina and one of the finest in the world, which enables us to have full access to the most luxurious cowhide available anywhere and allowing us the flexibility to constantly experiment with new ideas and concepts. Our cowhide tannery only buys the raw cowhides from organic and free range farms, so the cows only eat grass and are not locked in feed lots and fed chemicals, resulting in the best leather quality and the shiniest, softest, and full hair cowhides with hair on. All of our products are 100% made by hand and customized made to order. We customize cowhide rugs to any size and color with many models to choose from. 

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