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Cowhide Rug Care Instructions



When your cowhide rug first arrives, it will have folded creases from being packaged. Lay out your rug flat and with the moisture in the air, the creases will flatten out within a day or two. You can also lay your rug upside down, with the hairs facing down and tightly roll the rug. If you have a pole or something similar, it is even better, in order to roll the rug as tightly as possible. After two days, your rug should be completely flat. Just be sure to have the rug upside down when rolling as this will help with all edges and corners to flatten out in the correct direction. Also, when your rug first arrives and is laying out flat, vacuum it a few times in order to remove any loose hair cuts that may have gotten caught inside the stitching.


Vacuum your rug regularly before your cowhide rug becomes heavily soiled. Use your vacuum's floor attachment and use on a medium strength, in order to remove any dust and dirt particles. Do this on a weekly basis. Remove spots with a mild soap mixed with warm water. 


If you have any food or beverage spills, apply the mild soap and warm water to a sponge and lightly wipe (but not rub) the hide in the direction of the grain until the spot is dissolved. Rinse with a damp sponge to remove soap residue. Avoid hard or excessive friction. Be sure NOT to soak the leather underneath or it will stiffen the leather. Remove with a clean cloth or paper towel and leave to air dry. If it does get too damp, take it outside and flip it back side up to dry without getting direct sunlight. 


If you happen to have a grease or oil spill, wipe immediately with a dry and clean cloth and wait until it starts to dry and then run a smooth brush through the hairs, with the direction of the hairs and not against. Be sure to NOT apply any water or liquids. 


If you get chewing gum on the rug, gently pull off what you can without pulling with too much force. Next, apply a ice cube to the remainder and wait for it to adhere to the gum and then gently pull the ice cube off until the remaining is gone. 


NEVER USE saddle soap, abrasive cleaners, furniture polish or oils, varnish, alcohols, ammonia, silicone, or other cleaning products, as these products can damage the leather. 

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