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We can customize your hide rug to any size or colors, just shoot us a quick email to inquire!


Putting all focus on perfection, every hide rug is carefully made. Putting priority on only the best parts of every hide without any imperfections, as well, eliminating any natural imperfections. 


We carefully piece it all together, making sure that all seams are aligned straight and without any open space in between.


Our stitching is a narrow and short zig zag stitch, in order to make the stitching of the hides the least noticeable possible for a hide rug. As well, a narrow and short stitch makes the stitching the most secure. The thread is a high quality nylon and is impossible to break

The backside is lined with a eco-friendly fabric and is wonderful for protecting the bottom side of the leather. The hide rugs are finished with light weights under each corner to help weigh corners down, and then the fabric is closed up and secured with a binding tape to ensure all edges stay straight and flat to the floor.


Hide rugs are very easy to maintain and as they are naturally stain-resistant, you never have to worry about a spill not coming out. To find our cleaning instructions, you can locate the button Hide Care Instructions below.


SKU: 5010
  • Panel size: mixed size squares and rectangles

    Shown in:

    off white

    off white + mixed greys
    mix of greys + caramels + cream + beige
    mix of cream + beige + caramel + little dark chocolate


    All sizes are approximate sizes


    Sizes above are standard sizes but we can make any other size or in any other colors, than what are shown


  • All prices include shipping


    Expected arrival time varies per size as all are made to custom order. Please find the estimated arrival time for each size below: 


    5 x 8 ft      |  4 - 5 weeks

    6 x 9 ft      |  5 - 6 weeks

    8 x 10 ft    |  6 - 8 weeks

    9 x 12 ft    |  8 - 10 weeks

    10 x 12 ft  |  10 - 12 weeks

    12 x 15 ft  |  12 - 14 weeks

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